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Is it necessary to have moles removed?

In most cases, moles are natural and don’t require any treatment. However, a mole may be in a place that rubs against clothing or jewelry. You may also not like the way a specific mole looks, on your face or elsewhere. Dr. Tadicherla can help you decide if it makes sense to remove these moles.

If you have a mole that looks abnormal – it’s changed shape, or is a different size or color than other moles -- definitely bring it to Dr. Tadicherla’s attention. She may want to do a biopsy of the mole as a precaution.

When should I be worried about a mole’s appearance?

Not all moles look the same. But, normal moles are generally even in color and usually brown, tan, or black. They can be flat or raised and round or oval in shape.

If you have a mole that doesn’t seem to fit these characteristics, it’s a good idea to have it looked at by Dr. Tadicherla. If you’ve developed new moles or spots and any of them are changing in color, shape, or size, definitely come into Wesley Chapel Dermatology. Other warning signs include:

  • Asymmetrical – it doesn’t match the look of other spots on your body
  • Irregular borders
  • Color includes different shades of brown or black or has patches of pink, white, red, or blue
  • It’s larger than six millimeters across

Dr. Tadicherla examines suspicious looking moles and may elect to remove them and send them to a lab for analysis to ensure they aren’t cancerous.

How are moles removed?

Dr. Tadicherla removes a mole using several different methods. Which one she chooses depends on where your mole is located and the characteristics of the mole. Options include:

  • Cutting off the mole, sometimes with an incision, several skin layers deep to prevent it from growing back

Does mole removal hurt?

Dr. Tadicherla applies a topical anesthetic in advance of mole removal, but it may still some discomfort. You may experience some bleeding and will need a temporary bandage. In most cases, mole removal does not result in a scar.

Worried about a suspicious mole on your body and considering mole removal? Call Wesley Chapel Dermatology to learn more about the best course of action for you. You can reach us in our Wesley Chapel, FL office at (813) 606-4144 to schedule an appointment!

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